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Get to Know Our Presenters

We are so excited to introduce you to our community of presenter/thought leaders. Every day leading up to the conference we will take the opportunity to highlight the work of one of our presenters/thought leaders. We hope that you enjoy getting to know their important work. To date, we have featured the following experts (click on their names to be directed to their page).



Michael Aronsson, BA

Marcia Brissett-Bailey, BSc (Hons), QCG (PgDip), MA

Janet Barakat, MEd, MEd

Rebecca Beam

Niki Elliott, PhD

Gilda Evans

Daniel Gillman, BS, MS (student)

Carrie Hall, BA

Aidan Harris, BS

Erin Harris, BA, MA

KD Harris, MA, EdD (student)

Cole Hendricks, BA

Tom Iland, CPA, CHPC, AS

Tiffany Jameson,MBA, PHR, PhD (candidate)

Dina Jeorge

Heather Kahler

Adam Lalor, PhD

Bonnie Landau, PPS, APCC

Jessica Nombrano Larsen, MA

Julie Loppacher, MEd

John Marble

James Matthias

Mike McCann

Bridget McElroy, MSW, LSW

Bibi Pirayesh, EdD

Michelle Resnick, EdM

Jeff Snyder

Kevin Tyrrell, BARCH, MSUAD

Jim Varga, MD, FAAP


Greenwood Career and Educational Associates

For detailed bios, please click here.

Let’s Talk LD has worked extremely hard over the years to deliver a conference experience that celebrates and centers the voices of neurodiverse people. Due to the extraordinary generosity of our community of presenters, and the generosity of our private donors, we can offer the conference at low or no cost to our attendees. As a 100% volunteer-powered organization, we are grateful to every person who has supported this important work.


Let's Talk LD's mission is to drive systemic change that is focused on closing equity, opportunity, and achievement gaps for neurodivergent individuals in the areas of education, employment, and civic engagement. Our organization accomplishes this by providing services, building communities-of-practice, developing programs, and producing and delivering content focused on student advocacy, parent and caregiver education, and professional learning opportunities for educators and practitioners designed to improve PK-12 learning outcomes and post-secondary attainment for individuals who are neurodiverse. Let's Talk LD is led by co-founder and Executive Director, KD Harris. As the Executive Director of Let's Talk LD and an educational leader for the past 37 years, her practice has been shaped by community and youth organizing efforts that seek educational and social justice for marginalized youth.

To learn more about or to register for our College and Career Conference, please point your browser to

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