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K-12 Educational Programming


"If you ignite passion within you...the external world has a miraculous and magnificent way of rearranging itself to suit the new person you are becoming. "- Tina Su

At LET’S TALK LD (LTLD), we recognize the value and importance of thought leadership.  Thought Leaders are not only authorities in their field, but also, they move and inspire people to embrace innovation and change as a means of advancing their organizational mission and vision.

At LET’S TALK LD, we are committed to empowering and improving the lives of youth that are neurodevelopmentally atypical due to learning and/or attentional differences. LET’S TALK LD Speakers' Series will feature thought leaders who, simply put, have demonstrated experience and success placing innovation and fresh ideas at the center of the work that they do.

Denise Brosseau of Thought Leadership Lab states it best when she says, "They [thought leaders] create evolutionary and even revolutionary advancements in their fields not just by urging others to be open to new ways of thinking, but when they create a blueprint for people to follow - they provide a method, process, guidelines or a set of best practices."

LET’S TALK LD, through its Speakers' Series, seeks speakers who are disrupters, those who are literally uprooting and changing how we think, behave, perform our work, learn, and go about our day-to-day, and in the end, produce something new, more efficient, and worthwhile.

LET’S TALK LD hosts Speakers' events, highlighting the work of thought leaders in areas, to include Child Find, Social-Emotional Learning, parent effectiveness for caregivers of children with special needs, FAPE, educational placements, special education and IEPs, Individualized Transition Planning, educating twice-exceptional learners, and education reform in the context of IDEA and other legislation impacting youth with learning differences.

LET’S TALK LD workshops, seminars, symposia, and conferences are designed to ensure that our members have actionable and impactful opportunities to affect real change in empowering and improving the lives of youth that are neurodiverse and have been diagnosed with mild to moderate learning, social­ communication and/or attentional differences.


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