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For Our Donors

Let’s Talk LD is a social impact 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, and it is uniquely positioned to provide services and supports in any ecosystem where neurodivergent youth and young adults are served.  

The Let's Talk LD Board of Directors and Advisory Board meets formally four (4) times each year in September/October, January, March/April, and June/July (Financial and Year-end Reporting) and work in partnership with the LTLD Executive Committee. Responsibilities of the Advisors include: helping to sustain our Community of Practice by supporting and advancing LTLD outreach initiatives; offering guidance and insights on programmatic challenges and opportunities; demonstrating leadership by serving as an LTLD Thought Leader, and; playing a role in strengthening LTLD's resource-sharing model. Responsibilities of the Directors, including leading our Community of Practice by advancing LTLD outreach initiatives, also include; providing leadership on organizational and governance challenges and opportunities; demonstrating leadership by serving as an LTLD Thought Leader; strengthening LTLD's resource-sharing model and strategic fund development model, and; serving in a leadership role in an effort to achieve annual fundraising goals. 


The Let’s Talk LD Board of Directors is legally responsible for the governance of the organization.  The Board of Directors, as a governing body, focuses on Let’s Talk LD's mission, strategy, and operational goals.  Our Directors are noted experts and innovators in their fields and competent business owners and executives.  Members of our Board are personally aligned with and committed to advancing Let's Talk LD's unique model of social impact entrepreneurship.  


Like many social impact non-profits, Let’s Talk LD receives independent and experienced advice from an advisory board.  The Members of our Advisory Board are content experts who help the organization’s executives and the Members of the Board of Directors fulfill their duties without getting bogged down by the details of the management of the day-to-day operations.  We believe that our board advisors form the backbone of our work.  Let’s Talk LD Advisors serve by providing content expertise in the following areas:

•    K-12 Education Programming
•    Post-Secondary Education/Post-Secondary Education Transition Programming
•    Public/Community Outreach and Member Engagement
•    Event Management/Logistics 
•    Non-Profit Management
•    Advancement/Fund Development


Our Executive Leadership, Directors, and Advisors are steadfast and true to the Let's Talk LD mission and vision. Most importantly, our organization is built for social impact. As such, we seek to:

• Catalyze change movements (disrupt);

• Level playing fields;

• Create inclusive economies;

• Make pathways where they are obstacles, and;


To make a contribution to our Annual Fund Campaign, please CLICK HERE

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