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Non-Profit Management

Let’s Talk LD is a social impact 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, and it is uniquely positioned to provide services and supports in any ecosystem where learners who are neurodiverse are served.

While the Let’s Talk LD organization is itself young, make no mistake, it is a reflection of its Founders collective experiences: as parents of children with unique learning needs; as organizers and advocates, for two decades, within the learning difference community; as entrepreneurs who for well over two decades have built successful practices by leveraging strategic partnering to maximize organizational outcomes; as educators who drive innovation, and recognize the importance of being able to both adapt and scale in the execution of our very important work, and; as human beings who place compassion, understanding, and humanity at the center of all that we do. Let’s Talk LD is led by its Executive Director, KD Harris. As an educator, media psychologist, and organizational development (OD) consultant by profession, her work embodies core values that center around coalition-building, acceptance, collaboration, transparency, and valuing differences. KD has guided the Let’s Talk LD organization from Start-Up to the Growth and Development stage of its current business life cycle. She is a competent and seasoned social impact entrepreneur with demonstrated leadership and a substantive understanding of both the operational side and the strategic side of the business. Her complex work as an advocate, training and development professional, and coach is particularly well-suited to service in this role. In addition to her practical business experience, she is a seasoned educational researcher, curriculum designer, and instructor, and the parent and advocate for two twice-exceptional (2e) children. While having a robust understanding of the business climate has been critically important to Let's Talk LD's success, her ability to negotiate healthy and productive relationships has defined an approach that has allowed Let’s Talk LD to scale rapidly as a business and enjoy a strategic advantage over its competitors. These factors have also enabled Let’s Talk LD to exist as a very lean organization, that is both agile and scalable organizationally.

As a leader, transparency is critically important to KD.  As such, she is committed to building understanding about the tenets that guide her approach to social impact non-profit leadership.  

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