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Our Community

Let's Talk LD places families at the center of all that we do. It is our hope that, through Let’s Talk LD’s work, caregivers and service providers in the neurodiverse ecosystem will feel empowered to lead and assume a significant role in improving the lives of children that are considered neurodiverse due to diagnoses that include mild to moderate learning, social-communication, and/or attentional differences.  Learners outside of these diagnostic criteria will be referred to appropriate agencies or service providers.  By sharing concerns, identifying problems, and deepening our knowledge and expertise about how best to address the needs of special needs learners, the hope is that an authentic Community of Practice will evolve that will be self-sustaining.

A Community of Practice is a systematic, but informal manner of managing knowledge. Etienne Wegner (2002) said it best when he stated, "Because communities of practice are voluntary, what makes them successful over time is their ability to generate enough excitement, relevance, and value to attract and engage members. Although many factors, such as management support or an urgent problem can inspire a community, nothing can substitute for this sense of aliveness. Communities of Practice are groups of people who share a concern, a set of problems, or a passion about a topic, and who deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area by interacting on an ongoing basis."

Let’s Talk LD families have rich and varied experiences.  It is our hope to profile those journeys as a means of building community and building understanding. Let’s Talk LD VLOGs (video logs), SLOGs (sound logs), BLOGs (weblogs), and podcasts provide interesting insights into the lives of real families navigating the complex realities of children with neurodevelopmental challenges. LET’S TALK LD Webinars, On-Demand, and Live Streaming events provide additional opportunities for our members to learn from each other.

Let's Talk LD's work, like many grassroots organizations, began with a group of like­ minded visionaries sitting around a dining room table, identifying a set of problems, and hatching a plan. Its stakeholders are committed to empowering and improving the lives of youth that are neurodiverse and have a formal diagnosis of specific learning, social-communication and/or attentional ‘disability’. Let’s Talk LD is a social impact 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.  The Let's Talk LD organization is built on a collaborative model, both in terms of organizational structure and culturally. We work through strategic alliances and partnerships with educators, education specialists, service providers, and community and social change organizations in Greater Los Angeles, the Southern California region, and throughout the State of California to create and to promote meaningful opportunities for enriching the academic, social, and extracurricular lives of youth with learning differences.  We produce youth-oriented academic, social, and vocational enrichment events and programs, K-12 through post-secondary. We strengthen parent education by sharing concerns, identifying challenges, and deepening knowledge and expertise about how best to serve the holistic needs of special needs learners. We structure constructive and conciliatory strategic partnerships and alliances with educators, education specialists, service providers, community agencies and organizations, and other social impact organizations to create and to promote meaningful and impactful opportunities for enriching the academic, social, extracurricular, and post-secondary lives of youth and young adults who are neurodiverse.

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