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If you are interested in attending this year's conference, the opportunity to reserve a ticket will occur between September 6 through September 30, 2021. Tickets can be reserved for free for students and their caregivers. You may reserve your ticket here.


Our College Planning & Transition Conference for Individuals who are Neurodiverse is one of only a few full-day college conferences in the nation that is designed and produced specifically for learners who are neurodiverse (and the family members, allies, and transition professionals who support them) who have an interest in postsecondary educational pursuits. Last year, our conference included close to 500 attendees representing 7 countries and 26 states, and featured an exciting slate of thought leaders, practitioners, and transition professionals who are leaders in their fields. This year's conference will be livestreamed on Saturday, October 2nd. During our Conference, topics, and discussions include but are not limited to:

  • Social Emotional Learning and College/Career Success

  • College search and admissions application planning nuts and bolts

  • Evaluating available academic support and college success services in relation to need

  • Assessing college fit

  • Utilizing Assistive Technology and learning strategies to improve academic success

  • Exploring accommodations in college (the legal and practical realities)

  • Accessing public, private, and community services to support college transition

  • Exploring college transition best practices at both the K-12 and the Post-Secondary Education (PSE) level

  • Addressing issues relating to a student's psychosocial readiness for the college 

  • Discovering what can be learned from current college students who are neurodiverse and their caregivers and allies

  • Developing the Independent Living Skills critical for managing college life

  • Parent education and student advocacy strategies centered on improving postsecondary transition success (education, employment, and civic engagement) 


This year's virtual Let's Talk LD 2021 College Planning & Transition Conference for Individuals who are Neurodiverse will explore how to not only succeed in college but also make the successful transition to career. For many individuals who are neurodiverse, the journey from college student access, through college student success, to career success proves difficult to navigate successfully. Factors that undermine diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts play a role in undermining the advancement of individuals who are neurodiverse. If we are to consider fully the impact of these inequities, we must also consider how we might work as a community to identify and remedy educational and social injustices that undermine the college access, college success, and career success of people who are neurodiverse. Our speakers will focus attention on identifying and navigating those factors and circumstances that serve as barriers to a successful college and career transition. Conference attendees will be invited to consider and discover the kind of action that is required to improve college and career access for individuals who are neurodiverse. At Let's Talk LD, we are committed to working to improve postsecondary (education, career, and civic engagement) outcomes for people who are neurodiverse. We hope that you join us in the effort!

If you are interested in presenting at this conference, please tell us how you intend to address this year's conference focus in your presentation by completing our Request for Proposal no later than August 29, 2021 (11:59 p.m.). To upload your presentation CLICK HERE.

We look forward to seeing you on October 2nd!

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