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Presenting at Our
2022 Institute and/or Conference

2022 Post-Secondary Planning & Transition Conference 
for Neurodivergent Youth and Young Adults


Conference Theme: Community Building and Activism to Strengthen Self-Determination: Closing Equity, Opportunity, and Achievement Gaps for Neurodivergent Youth and Young Adults  


Transition Planning Institute for Transition Professionals (Zoom + Vimeo)
Monday, September 26, 2022 – Friday, September 30, 2022

Post-Secondary Planning & Transition Conference (Live/In-Person and Livestreamed)
Saturday, October 1, 2022
Los Angeles Trade Technical College



Those of us working to advance social justice and equity for neurodivergent youth and young adults often consider what 'inclusive' educational settings and workplaces should look like. Understanding, honoring, and celebrating the lived experiences of neurodivergent  individuals are important first steps in addressing the very real barriers that make it difficult for these learners to access experiences and opportunities that would improve post-secondary outcomes and create the conditions for the attainment of autonomy, competence, and relatedness which are so important to creating a life defined by self-sufficiency and independence. 

– KD Harris, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Let’s Talk LD

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This year's Let's Talk LD 2022 Post-Secondary Planning and Transition Conference for Neurodivergent Youth and Young Adults seeks to raise awareness about how to implement best practices that are designed to mitigate the barriers to postsecondary success. We have challenged our speakers and attendees to consider with great seriousness the kind of consciousness-raising and activism that must occur, both within and outside of the neurodiverse ecosystem, to create actionable means of addressing the complex issues faced by learners who are neurodiverse as they journey from college student access to college student success, from employment opportunity to career success, and to productive civic engagement.

As stakeholders in the Special Education ecosystem, we must engage in critical self-reflection and consider the role that we play in impeding the advancement of neurodivergent youth and young adults. If we are to fully consider the impact of these inequities, we must also consider how we might work collaboratively to identify and remedy educational and social injustices that undermine post-secondary success for neurodivergent youth and young adults.

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