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THIS YEAR’S KEYNOTE SPEAKER Lydia X.Z. Brown, noted disability justice advocate, organizer, educator, attorney, strategist, and writer, is a powerful and exciting voice in the neurodiversity movement. To learn more about Lydia, click HERE


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This year we are proud to feature an incredibly special film, AUTISM GOES TO COLLEGE. We will screen the film on Sunday, September 27, followed by an insightful discussion with Dr. Jan Blacher, Director of the SEARCH Family Autism Resource Center at UC Riverside moderated by Dr. Eric Endlich, Founder of Top College ConsultantsThe film, while featuring scholars who are on the Autism Spectrum, addresses with tremendous depth and clarity the realities that many face when navigating college as scholars who are neurodiverse (diagnosed with Specific Learning Disability, AD/HD, and/or ASD). 

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