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Exciting News about the

2019 College Conference

We are so excited and grateful that our partnership with the Summit View Schools continues to thrive! Keri Borzello, The Summit View Schools and The Help Group continue to serve as extraordinary partners in helping us ensure that the College Conference continues to grow (quantitatively and qualitatively) so that we may improve, in meaningful and impactful ways, Post-Secondary Education (PSE) outcomes for neurodiverse learners.


Our College Planning and Transition Conference is one of the few college conferences in the nation that is designed specifically for students with Specific Learning Disabilities, AD/HD, and/or are who are on the Autism Spectrum. At our Conference, neurodiversity is celebrated and the most innovative Thought Leaders, Influencers and research in the area of Post-Secondary Education Transition are featured.   

In addition to our traditional content-rich Regular-Session programming, this year's Conference will also feature Student-only programming.  These sessions will be shorter in duration (30-45 minutes each) and designed as hand-on/applied opportunities for students to build skills.  Session topics will specifically explore challenges and issues unique to the neurodiverse student to include improving outcomes as they: develop a strategic college plan; consider how to strengthen meta-cognitive, self-advocacy, self-determination, and self-efficacy skills; examine whether they are a good "fit" for college; develop strategies for improving academic success at both the 8-12 and college-level; increase their self-sufficiency and independence; creating a path from connecting personal strengths, interests, and talents to choosing a major, and to defining a career path.  TO ACCESS A COPY OF OUR CONFERENCE PROGRAM, CLICK HERE.  HEAR OUR SPEAKERS, IN THEIR OWN WORDS, DISCUSS THEIR PRESENTATIONS BY VIEWING OUR SPEAKER HIGHLIGHTS.       


TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR THOUGHT LEADER/SPEAKERS, PLEASE REFER TO THE BIOS. We are excited to welcome new Thought Leaders/Presenters to our College Planning and Transition Conference Family:

  • Kelly Privitt | AbilityFirst 

  • Hasan Ali, B.A. |Air Tutors

  • LeDerick Horne  | and LeDerick Horne Speaks, LLC

  • Karen Lerner, B.A. | College Blueprint

  • Gilda Evans |

  • Daniel Franklin, Ph.D. |Franklin Educational Services

  • Sanaz Nabati, M.S. |University of California Los Angeles Career Center

  • Juliana Calhoun, Ph.D. | the University of Southern California Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity

  • Rashelle Wong Nagata, OTD, OTR/L | the University of Southern California Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity

  • Shahnee Chen-Zion, B.A. | Many Roads to College

  • Dr. Daniel Greenwood, Ph.D. | Greenwood Associates, Inc.

  • Ellie Tabibian | SOAR Career Consultant

  • Marc Lazar, M.S. | Center for Accessible Education | the University of California at Los Angeles

  • Kirsten Ullman | Landmark College

  • Sandra Hall, M.S. | Chatsworth Charter High School, District Office of Transition Services (DOTS), Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

  • Nicole Ofiesh, Ph.D. | Stanford University Schwab Learning Center | Stanford University UDL Innovation Studio

  • Carol Gignoux, M.Ed., Founder | Live ADHD Free

  • Dennis Nelson, Partnership Manager | Eye to Eye National

  • Melanie Tasoff, B.A., Founder | A College Journey

  • Araceli Conejo, Educational Navigator | AbilityFirst


These individuals and organizations join our extraordinary community of returning Thought Leaders/Presenters, who include:


  • Janet Barakat, M. Ed., M. Ed. Secondary Transition, Transition Specialist | Pomona Unified School District SELPA

  • Keri Borzello, M.P.A., Head of Schools | Summit View (Valley Glen and Culver City)

  • Daniel Gillman, B.S. (Candidate, 2022) Scholar | University of Southern California Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences

  • Loren R. Grossman, J.D., Educational Advocate/Independent College Counselor I The Educational Advocacy Office of Dr. L.R. Grossman

  • Elizabeth C. Hamblet, M.A., Author and Consultant | LD Advisory and Learning Consultant | Columbia University

  • Aidan Harris, B.S. (Candidate, 2020), Scholar | University of Southern California Iovine and Young Academy and Co-Founder | Let’s Talk LD

  • Erin Harris, B.A. (Pitzer College), M.A. (Candidate, Claremont Graduate University), Scholar | Co-Founder | Let’s Talk LD

  • KD Harris, M.A., Co-Founder & Executive Director | Let’s Talk LD

  • Crystal Lee, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist | LA Concierge Psychologist

  • Marci Lerner Miller,  J.D., Independent Educational Consultant, Principal | Miller Advocacy Group 

  • Vanessa Montgomery, M.Ed., Diplomat | Eye to Eye National

  • Robert Salinas, B.S., Assistive Technology Coordinator, California State University at Fresno

  • Stacey Shinnick, M.A., Transition Teacher/Career Coach | Chatsworth Charter High School & Miller Career and Transition Center, Department of Transition Services, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

  • Ann Simun, Psy.D., Clinical Neuropsychologist  and Principal | Neuropsychology Partners 

  • James Spellman, M.A., Principal | St. Monica Catholic High School

  • Tom Thompson, M.A., Consultant | TMLS Consulting

  • Kevin J. Tyrrell, M.Arch/UD, LEED AP, Co-Founder | Let’s Talk LD

  • Marvin Williams, M.S., Director, Disability Resource Center | California State University, Stanislaus

  • Karen Wilson, Ph.D., Clinical Neuropsychologist | West LA Neuropsychology PC




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