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Let's Talk LD addresses critically important social justice and equity of educational opportunity issues faced by those in the neurodivergent community.  Our organization has worked extremely hard over the years to deliver experiences that celebrate and center the voices of neurodivergent people. As a 100% volunteer-powered organization, we are grateful to every person who has supported this important work. 

Let's Talk LD's mission is to drive systemic change that is focused on closing equity and opportunity gaps for neurodivergent individuals in the areas of education, employment, and civic engagement.  Our practice, as educational leaders, has been shaped by community and youth organizing efforts that advance educational and social justice for marginalized youth and young adults. We also serve across the lifespan, PK through adulthood. Our work would not be complete if we did not recognize the importance of also providing parent/caregiver education and practitioner training/development that advances practices that are designed to address the needs of our most vulnerable youth and young adults.

It is our mission to meet neurodivergent youth and young adults where they are, at critical periods in their development and learning, in an effort to implement innovative programs that can support these individuals in living productive and fulfilling academic, social, and professional lives defined by self-sufficiency, self-determination, and purpose. Click HERE to learn more about Let's Talk LD.  


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