For years, I have followed the career of this exceptional human being.  I have watched in awe as Jonathan Mooney has dared to speak truth to power and challenge the sanity of "doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result."  You do not walk away from a Jonathan Mooney TALK unchanged.  His words are a call to action.  For more information about Jonathan's work as a speaker, please refer to his Speaker's Packet


We are so deeply honored and privileged that Jonathan has so generously and graciously accepted our invitation to serve as our Conference's Keynote Speaker. 


Jonathan's wisdom and insights, enriched by his extraordinary personal journey, are awe-inspiring.  His selfless commitment to making the world better through his work as a social impact entrepreneur is the stuff of dreams. 


Our Conference, in many ways, is about beginnings. That is what transitions are, after all.  We look forward to Jonathan sharing insights about his own journey and we suspect his powerful presentation will inspire each of you to dream big and leave the conference motivated to develop a plan that will enable you to live your dreams!


See you on the 29th of September.




KD Harris, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Let's Talk LD     



We wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks to Marci Lerner Miller and the Miller Advocacy Group for sponsoring the Keynote Address.

Marci Lerner Miller is an attorney and independent educational consultant at Miller Advocacy Group. Through Miller Advocacy Group, Marci Miller offers a continuum of advocacy and counseling services designed to prepare students with disabilities, learning differences, anxiety and chronic medical conditions for the successful transition to post-secondary life. Marci practiced litigation and employment law for many years before transitioning to special education law due to what she learned from the experience with her own children in the school system. Marci later received her Certificate in College Counseling with Distinction from UCLA, with a practicum in counseling students with learning disabilities. Marci is a member of The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) with a Learning Disabilities (LD) designation. Miller Advocacy Group’s practice areas include special education law and advocacy, post-secondary transition and vocational counseling, and college consulting.