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Conference Partners

We are privileged to enjoy the good fortune of having two wonderful Conference Partners for this year's College and Career Planning & Transition Conference for Individuals who are Neurodiverse. If you are a member of the Let's Talk LD community, these companies and their principals will be familiar to you. Please take a moment to get to know Rebecca Beam of Zavikon and Dr. Daniel Greenwood of Greenwood Educational Associates


Greenwood Educational Associates Shield_small.jpg

Greenwood Associates are recognized leaders in evaluating children and matching their special needs with programs or schools. We employ state-of-the-art assessments and implement effective and strategic interventions for adolescents and young adults. We have devised the first system for matching at-risk teens to appropriate treatment programs. Teens who are “acting out” or “acting in” can appear very similar although the underlying roots of the behavior may be quite different. An intensive individualized approach is required to quickly respond to your child’s particular needs.

Programs are visited and researched by our team to assure that they meet industry standards and that caring, responsible, credentialed professionals staff them. We devote twenty percent of our time to visiting therapeutic programs to learn first hand the type and quality of their services. As independent consultants who are not affiliated with any program or institution, we concentrate on what is best for you and your child and provide you with objective recommendations. Having served hundreds of families, we know the levels of care available and the best program options to expeditiously target the right fit for your child.


We are working to change the unemployment and underemployment outcomes for individuals who are uniquely abled and underserved through placing them in career focused employment while providing support and education to the employer to ensure a successful and mutually beneficial relationship.

We believe there is a job for everyone to apply their talents and skills in a meaningful way. Our mission is to match qualified candidates with disabilities or those who are neurodivergent with employers who believe inclusion is the future. Zavikon is the bridge to inclusion.

Zavikon serves any individual who is seeking career employment who has a visible or invisible disability. We have programs set up for Blind/visually impaired, Deaf/hard of hearing, and neurodivergent to name a few. We focus on the individual’s talents and skills and place employees in all types of careers including finance, technology, clerical, creative and more. Once an individual is placed, our professional career coaches work with the employee, their new co-workers, and hiring manager to ensure everyone is set up for long term success. 

To learn more about or to register for our College and Career Conference, please point your browser to

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